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Army Robots Come for a Visit

Inspiring Students with Robotics and Coding Application in the Real World

army robot


Excitement filled our 3rd-8th grade students as they walked into our gym and their eyes hit the 3 army-grade robots waiting for them! Thanks to Mr. Suvari, one of our 6th grade parents, three Army Sergeants from the 55 EOD CO joined us on campus for a very intriguing day.


army robots     driving army robots


With our current robotics and coding curriculum, the visit from the 55 EOD CO perfectly supplements our program.

The time began with a 15 minute presentation, which communicated how robots are used in the army. Photos were shown of drones, robots crushing cars, the inside machinery, and a lot more. Students also had an opportunity to ask any questions.

Fidgeting in their places, the time finally came for the students to get their hands on the robots for themselves. Sergeant First Class Neely, Sergeant Colburn, Specialist Monden brought 3 robot platforms--the largest of which only Sergeant Neely had the clearance to handle.

Students operated the other two platforms and strived to complete various challenges. One platform maneuvered around a line of cones and the other picked the cones up with an arm.



This opportunity showed our students why it is important to learn programming and how robotics can be applicable in the real world. It exposed them to just one career in the robotics industry and stressed the importance of a solid foundation in math and science.


army robot controls   army robots driving





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