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Celebrating 30 Years with Infants and Toddlers

Congressional School's 30th Anniversary for their Day Care Program

Army Robots Come for a Visit

Inspiring Students with Robotics and Coding Application in the Real World

Stage Left, Stage Right

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Musicals

Up for Debate

Through Congressional’s Speech and Drama curriculum, middle school students engage in specialized training to refine critical public speaking skills that they will carry forward into high school, college, and their careers.

Welcome to Little Colts Academy

Congressional's athletic clinic primes young student for intramural sports.

Art Multiplication

Multi-disciplinary learning, blending learning between subjects, is of the strategies that Congressional takes to instill a deeper understanding of a topic for our students. When Mrs. Brock, our middle school art teacher, saw one of the

Yes, I Can!

An Interview with Tavis Laws, Director of Athletics and Physical Education

You Are More Than What You See

8th grade art project helped students look at themselves in a very different way. 

Managing Emotions During Stressful Times

Written by Rebecca Ginnetti, School Counselor

Tips for Returning to School During COVID-19

Written by Rebecca Ginnetti, School Counselor