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Inspiring Young Learners

First grade teacher, Michelle Fry, discovered her passion for teaching early in life and has been inspiring young learners for nearly three decades.

First grade teacher, Michelle Fry's passion for teaching began by chance. A business major in college, she worked for awhile as an afternoon extended hours counselor at a parochial school in Falls Church.  It was there that she discovered her passion for working with children and decided that teaching was her calling. After receiving her BA in business, she went on to pursue a Master’s in Education.

Michelle describes how she became a member of the Congressional family. “I first noticed Congressional when I drove by the campus. I applied for a job and was initially offered a position as a substitute teacher. After that, I became an assistant teacher in Janet Turk’s kindergarten class and a year later was given my own classroom and became a kindergarten lead teacher.”




After more than two decades of teaching kindergarten at Congressional school, Michelle Fry is now in her second year of teaching first grade and when asked how she enjoys it she replies emphatically, “I love it! I love the tremendous growth I see in the children. During the year, the first graders’ sense of independence is really blossoming. They also begin to work well collaboratively and become adept at problem solving,” she says.

Michelle, now in her 27th year of teaching at Congressional, is just as passionate about inspiring students today as she was when she first started. One aspect of Michelle’s teaching style really stands out is her ability to connect with all of her students. She knows each one’s personality and learning style and develops a learning plan to best suit them.

“I know that children learn in different ways,” says Michelle. “Some are visual learners, others learn best through hands-on activities. I love to move around the classroom and incorporate a variety of teaching styles so that I reach them all.”


“Mrs. Fry creates a joyful learning experience. Her students want to learn because it’s fun! She supports their learning and encourages the children until they have the confidence to work alone. My daughter comes out of school every day with a smile on her face, wanting to share what she’s learned that day. Her happiness makes my heart soar and I’m so thankful to Mrs. Fry for her love and care.”

- Helen Saks, First Grade Parent


"I truly feel that Mrs. Fry is a partner in helping me raise a kind child who has a love for learning, and part of that is being able to communicate openly with her.  She is very approachable, and she responds quickly to any concerns or questions I have.  It's obvious that she takes a personal interest in my son's academic success and social well being.  I knew she was extra special when she overcame her fear of bugs in order to encourage my son's love of all things creepy-crawly!"

- Kelly Zito, First Grade Parent


Best Teacher Award

Congratulations to Michelle Fry for being voted "Best Teacher, 2018" by the readers of InsideNoVa/Fairfax Sun Gazette. 

"This [award] comes as no surprise to me at all. We knew from the very first moments that Mrs. Fry was the best! Every day, she demonstrates her caring commitment, and every day, my son is eager for more – more learning, more discovery, more play, more chances to figure things out. We are so grateful for her, and we are so happy to celebrate this award!"

- Mary Beth Testa, First Grade Parent








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