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Learn about the exciting restructured format of our Congressional School Summer Academy!

Another summer is here, and our campus is bustling once again with all the happenings of Congressional Camp. This summer, we also have our Congressional School Summer Academy on campus, which we recently restructured to best fit the needs of enrolled students. This year, Summer Academy is a supplemental program, where students leave their camp group for one hour of class per day and then return to their normal scheduled day camp activities. Classes take place on campus in small groups with no more than 6 students. This summer, all the courses are taught by Congressional School teachers. We are excited to have Sophia Gong, Sarah Smythe, Waleska McGlone, Evie Hinrichs, Sandra Hulse, and Maura Rice join us for the 2023 season! We are also happy to have Congressional School First Grade Teacher Brenna Ponting as the Director of Summer Academy for her second summer season. There are 23 different classes being offered this year for Rising K-Rising 6th grade students with a variety of different focuses from reading, writing, math, engineering, art, and more.


Above: Congressional School Summer Academy Teacher Sarah Smythe works with a student on their math skills.


The decision to make Summer Academy a supplemental program to Congressional Camp benefits enrolled students in a variety of ways. Summer Academy provides a great opportunity for students to review and learn new skills and concepts in a fun and engaging environment. Students are also able to work creatively, collaborate with their peers, and build self-confidence. Because of the small class sizes, students are also able to get individualized attention from their teacher. Additionally, students can get the best of both worlds over the summer, as they have the perfect balance of learning and play in their day. “We want our students to learn, grow, and have fun,” Summer Academy Teacher Sophia Gong stated.


So what does a day in the life of a Summer Academy student look like? A day typically starts off with a quick warm-up or game, then moves on to a focus lesson for the day. Students have a little snack and then continue their learning with a project or activity.


Above: Students in Reader's Theatre work on their play with their teacher, Sophia Gong.

Summer Academy is an enrichment program and does not offer certificates or grades. Instead, Summer Academy communicates with parents through weekly newsletters, which include notes from the teacher, what the students have been working on throughout the week, and a suggestion of what can be done for practice at home. It also includes lots of pictures so parents can get a snapshot of their child in action.

As we reach the halfway point of summer, we have enjoyed watching our students reap the benefits of the newly restructured program so far. Our students have learned so much already and will be prepared to take on their 2023-2024 school year with the new skills they have acquired at The Congressional Summer Academy!


Above: After a morning of learning and enrichment classes, students can join their group and head outdoors to enjoy the rest of their day camp activities, like navigating our ropes course on campus!


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Brenna Ponting
Director of Summer Academy
Grade 1 Teacher