Congressional School Blog

Interview With My Parents

By Henry Gustafson, Grade 5

Brooks: Hello everybody! How are you today and welcome back to Interesting
Interviews. Today I will be interviewing my own parents to see how they feel
about this Coronavirus Pandemic. My parents will be answering 5 questions.

First question “How do you feel about wearing masks”?
Dad: I very much dislike wearing masks and I am over with also wearing two
masks. But I listen to the CDC and stay safe.
Mom: Me too

Brooks: I would say the same thing. Question two “How do you feel about staying
Dad: Terrible. Right now I want to be at a Nats game with you!
Mom: I also feel terrible. I want to be hanging out with friends in person, not
wearing masks, and not staying socially distanced instead of being cooped up in
a house for a year not going out!

Brooks: I don’t think anybody wants to be cooped up in a house for a year even
ME! The third question is “Do you think you would IMMEDIATELY go out and
meet friends once COVID is over”?

Dad: I might not say immediately but I would go hang out with friends but still be
Mom: I would say the same thing.

Brooks: Great minds think alike. The second to last question is “What have you
been doing to stay safe”?

Dad: I have been wearing masks, socially distancing, and doing whatever I can
to not get myself or other people sick.
Mom: I’m doing the same thing too.

Brooks: I have been doing that too. The last question is “Have you been
Dad: Yes.
Mom: Yes.

Brooks: Once again thanks for joining Interesting Interviews and thanks Mom and
Dad for joining us today.
Mom and Dad: No problem