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My Angel

Prose by Zaina Gilbert, Grade 5

Days before, I found my angel, her wings were big, bigger than the surface, she was everything I knew back then. her name was Maxine, for short was Emme, we were best friends, better than any. I knew her name, and she knew mine, she was one of my best friends at my time. We were together, for more than ever, I thought she would be in my life forever, but I guess it was her time… I sat back next to my chair, I was lonely everywhere, from the treetop we sat at, to the mountains we climbed, and that last painting of my time. The pandemic raged, and no one even cared anyway, if this was never here, she wouldn’t be gone with me in tears. She's right beside me, everywhere, but she's not visible when you're there. In South Carolina, she lives there, without me anywhere. Living a happy life, no doubt on life. If she's happy then I'll be, I know that she'll never be lonely.