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COVID Pros & Cons

An Essay on the Pros and Cons of COVID-19 by Sanjeev Belle-Trichur, Grade 5

A bug lurked around in China becoming bigger and unexpected all the time, and when it grew beyond China, the pandemic was on. And in March 2020, America was in trouble. The Coronavirus 19, or Crown Virus 19, started in China in 2019. It grew in size, and traveled across the ocean, and arrived in the Americas in March 2020. It killed people and forced people to live in uncomfortable ways, but for a 5th grader, Covid can result in some jolly ways, especially for me. The powerful Covid 19 has affected me in both pleasure and discomfort.


The Covid has affected my life in unpleasant ways. The Covid forced us to go to school online, which made school harder, and difficult to learn because of poor audio and 5-second LAG delay, and lots of static and background noise. It also greatly affected my musical education, as for a year, I had to study piano and violin on Zoom, which was extremely difficult and laggy before we got our YetiX microphone. All the musical concepts like dynamics, articulation, and shaping are muffled up by the poor connection. It was even worse for the violin, as it had all of the consequences of the piano, and the teacher also had to take a look at my bow hold, tightening, and bow placement next to the bridge on the strings. The composition wasn’t as bad, because the composition teacher had to see my scores, and the software could play an online version. 


The Covid has also affected me in good ways. For Congressional, I got to wear a free dress every day on the days that were online, and school started later. When school was back in person, school started 15 minutes later, and every other Wednesday, there was an early release day, in which school ends at 2:30 instead of 3:30. And both when it was online and in-person, I got to sleep in, because of not driving to school online, and because of the 15 minutes along with no tardy in-person. For Levine, in piano class, I played on my own piano which was much better than the pianos that Levine has because I am way more comfortable and used to playing on my piano.


In conclusion, the Covid-19 had affected my life in terrible ways and great ways. It also taught me to bear and not fret about the cons of something and to look forward to the pros. Everything in the universe along with the universe itself has pros and cons, so you just have to accept the cons and look forward to the pros.