Congressional School Blog


By Dana Barraza, Grade 6

I wake up in the morning and get ready for school. I sit down at my desk, look around, see my bed which is right next to me, wishing that I could keep sleeping. I turn on my computer, log into my google classroom. Get into the meeting, I turn off my camera and mute myself. I start to eat my breakfast while I wait to start my first class.” Hello students” my teacher says. I quickly look at the time ”oh shoot” class starts now I say. I put my plate to the side *sigh* I let out. ”Let's get these 6 periods over with already.” ” Please open your textbook to page 739, who will like to read first '' she looks over her computer. “Mike do you mind reading this page please” no answer from Mike. I start to space out with no one talking back to the teacher.”Dana, Dana!!!!” I hear from my teacher. I quickly wake up “ yes,” I say. “Class ended a long time ago is there a reason you're still here. Do you have a question? ''I quickly get off the meeting? “OMG I need to stop sleeping during class.” The day ended and I fall down in my bed “And it's only MONDAY!!!!”