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When Art Makes a Difference

By Sarah Philip

Building Rollercoasters

Putting Newton's Laws into Motion in Seventh Grade

Follow the Children's Lead

A Path to Being a Passionate Educator

Impromptu Science

Helping 8th Graders Find the "Right-Fit" High School

Professional Development at Congressional School

Written By: Brent Hinrichs, Associate Head of School and Director of Lower and Middle School

Project Based Learning

by Denise Yassine, 5th and 6th Grade History Teacher

Art Multiplication

Multi-disciplinary learning, blending learning between subjects, is of the strategies that Congressional takes to instill a deeper understanding of a topic for our students. When Mrs. Brock, our middle school art teacher, saw one of the

Movement and Learning

by Kim O'Neil, Assistant Head of School and Director of Early Childhood and Primary School

Pumpkin Math

With autumn upon us, classes across our Primary School program have been pulling in signs of fall into the curriculum, and Mrs. Turk's Kindergarten class has been no exception. Pumpkins are seemingly one of the key elements to fall. They are

Fall Festival 2016