Congressional School Blog

Learning From 0 to 10

Building foundational math skills in preschool.

From Fulbright to Changemaker

Through a Fulbright Scholarship, Kate Fitzpatrick, Congressional's Middle School Art Teacher has become a changemaker, leveraging her passion for project-based learning in art and STEM to help underserved students around the world.


Yes, I Can!

An Interview with Tavis Laws, Director of Athletics and Physical Education

Mathematics: A New Mindset

A Modern, Differentiated View of Math

Right On the Money

A Guide for Parents as They Look to Finance a Private School Education

Army Robots Come for a Visit

Inspiring Students with Robotics and Coding Application in the Real World

The Questions You Need to Ask on a School Tour

A Guide for Parents as They Tour Schools for Their Child

On the Menu

A behind-the-scenes look at Congressional's lunch program

The Rhythm of a Folk Dance

A Look Inside Music Class in Primary School

When Students Make the Rules

Giving Students Guided Ownership Over Their Social Behavior