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The Questions You Need to Ask on a School Tour

A Guide for Parents as They Tour Schools for Their Child

The Rhythm of a Folk Dance

A Look Inside Music Class in Primary School

When Students Make the Rules

Giving Students Guided Ownership Over Their Social Behavior

How to Choose the Right School

A Guide for Parents as They Search for the Perfect-Fit School for their Child

Who Polluted the Potomac?

Kicking off Service Learning for the school year with composting, nut collecting, and an interesting, global look into water pollution beyond the Potomac River

Embracing Robotics and Coding in Education

Understanding the purpose and application of Robotics and Coding in a kindergarten through eighth grade curriculum

The Art of Interdisciplinary Learning

Art becomes the perfect channel for interdisciplinary learning as teachers collaborate and bring subject areas together.

Talking in Numbers

Engaging the Whole Class in Math Conversation

Alumni Reflections with Julia

In the following article, Julia '13 reflects on a number of topics, and discusses the impact of her Congressional School education, her leadership roles in high school, and what the future has in store.  

Highway to High School

Helping 8th Graders Find the "Right-Fit" High School